How to get involved as a Goals 4 Kids partner and sponsor

We invite you to join our annual Goals 4 Kids as a partner and or sponsor. Goals 4 Kids is an intercompany sports tournament where we raise funds for Fundashon Tuma mi Man.

By contributing as an event sponsor your generous support will help Tuma mi Man continue their efforts in the community to help minority children reach their full potential.


Fundashon Tuma mi Man is operating since 2008 and the progress they already made with the children is remarkable. We can happily say that these children have become healthy, happy, socially active children and that they’re doing well at school.


By sponsoring, you will help the foundation continue the wonderful work they are doing for the children by give them a chance to a better future and in return you will receive positive publicity by being connection to a wonderful cause.

If YOU are interested in supporting us and becoming a partner or sponsor for this wonderful cause then feel free to contact Jean Melfor at for more information!

It takes a whole society to raise a child!